Which AVG Security Is Best For Small Businesses?

AVG is a family of antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies which is now a subsidiary of Avast. AVG provides many home and business securities for Windows, macOS and Android devices. AVG Technologies has more than 200 million active users all over the world. It provides three different products specifically designed for small business including AVG Internet Security Business Edition, AVG Antivirus Business Edition, and AVG File Server Business Edition. Unless you are just looking for security for your personal computer Buy AVG Antivirus from our portal and get admiring services totally free with it.
AVG File Server Business Edition:
The Windows server security protects your data from malware and hackers and is really reliable. It gives you access to control your office devices remotely from one control panel. It is believed that new or just started businesses are the primary target of hackers because of the low-level security solutions. But with AVG you don’t need to worry about such vulnerabilities, as it provides you a most precise and endpoint security for your server which keeps your data safe and private from the hackers.
• File and data protection
• Fast and smart. The advanced scanning engine works only when the devices are not in use and run different scans so that your work wouldn’t get disturbed anyhow.
• Control all your devices form a single spot with remote management. The administrator gets the access to remotely install, update and configure AVG across all your devices.
• IT’s is always up-to-date. The automatic updates ensure that your product is up-to-date to keep you safe against daily evolving threats.
This is not it. If you think that AVG File server isn’t enough for your business’s needs then don’t worry as AVG Internet Security Business Edition get it all covered. Purchase AVG Internet Security with advanced features like Link Scanner, Identity protection, Firewall, Online Shield, Email Protection, Email Server Security and Anti-Spam and Anti-phishing tools which will never let even a single threat slip into your computers.

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